Michal is our specialist in contentious proceedings, especially criminal proceedings, and has been with UP since 2017 as an attorney-at-law. He is a graduate of Charles University Faculty of Law.

Michal has represented our clients in significant disputes with the financial authorities for claims of millions in arrears. He has also successfully litigated other disputes over performance with international overlap in Poland, Turkey and the Netherlands. Michal also has several disputes over several millions in performance between sports clubs and athletes under his belt. Additionally, he has managed disputes between doctors / hospitals and patients when dealing with the issue of lege / nonlege artis.

In terms of criminal proceedings, Michal has represented clients in cases with international overlap and total damages exceeding CZK 3 billion. Michal is highly valued in criminal proceedings not only for his utmost reliability, but also for his knowledge bridging into commercial law, which helps him analyze the situation accurately, particularly where it concerns financial crimes.

“Since my youth, I've been dedicated to performing as a top athlete, and am able to transfer the ability to keep my eyes on the prize, which produces the best result for my team and, in turn, for the client. Only steady and concentrated work always leads to success. Clients appreciate my precision and initiative, which I devote to each and every one of their cases and situations.”

Apart from his native Czech, Michal is fluent in English.


Publications & Lectures:

2011 – 2013 ICV – Institute of Certified Education

2012 – 2017 Czech University of Agriculture in Prague

2017 – 2018  “Lafat's goal on the tax office network, or even an athlete can be a self-employed sole trader, class-action lawsuits”

2017 – 2018 Consumer consulting, GDPR