We began to cooperate with PE investors from Slovakia last year and their goals in FVE are not modest. We knew that this was going to be a lot of hard work but considering that we have been specializing in Energetics for many years and that we have Adéla Gajdová, who has been included among the best one-hundred lawyers in Energetics, on our UP team, we believed we could make it.

The first acquisition, first of many, has been completed. And when we receive such a nice acknowledgement from our clients, our work becomes a pleasure:

,,Your professional approach and expertise in the area that our company required exceeded our highest expectations. Consequently, your commitment based on professional knowledge greatly accelerated the realization of our business interests.’’

Our specialized M&A UP team has carried out an excellent job. Thank you all! Every successful acquisition is as pleasing for us, as it is for our clients.