To aid our mission to have a complete understanding of our clients we have set up a series of workshops from the resulting constructive feedback from our clients towards our office.In order to increase the quality of our services, these workshops assure that communication with our client is precise and efficient, thus aiding us in securing that our communications are efficient, effective and ensures that our work is done to the highest degree.

Our first workshop was attended by Foxconn and JUSDA Europe, some of our long-standing and very important clients. We had the pleasure of holding the workshop with Foxconn’s Chief Compliance Officer of Foxconn and also the CEO of JUSDA Europe.

During the workshop they discussed with our key team members the overall process of resolving a legal case from the very moment of the case assignment to its conclusion in regards to the client’s requirements as to aspects regarding the corporate environment.

Similar workshops will be implemented in the future with other clients, especially in areas where we want to be the market leader in providing legal services.