The office has undergone the overall (by feedback successful) rebranding, we have established new and valuable cooperation in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and also the Russian-Ukraine Desk work at 100%. We also have several new colleagues, which was an excellent choice.

So what are the UP highlights in 2018 ???

• We organized our first charity party with a yield of 78 600 CZK for the Zajíček na koni Public Service Company

• The huge steel installation of the new logo at the rebranding party in the Unetice Brewery has hanged on two thin fishing lines for 10 hours

• We have overloaded a bobsled track in Pec pod Sněžkou with colleagues from Slovakia

• Vratislav has fourth assistant in a row and looks like this will last

• We have a permanent reservation for our team at the best pub in Prague

• We have climbed Sněžka despite the weather and with the burden of collapsing asthmatic assistant (great admiration for her performance)

• We found out that we would also be able to live as wine tasters. The test for well-experienced consumers is already completed.

Jesus child bring some Christmas gifts to us, to our gentlemen it was Kamila Spinarova from Cavalier, who made a precise job in the form of tailor-made shirts with our new brand on it. Ladies have taken care of their skin and soul under the supervision of Mrs. Novotná in Bio Orbis in Prague. Exceptional services of this lady can be strongly recommended.

Just like we wished ourselves in the office, we wish you a Happy New Year and a successful achieving of your new challenges and goals. For us, we will do our best to support you achieve it. And do not forget! We cover your back also in the year 2019 !! 

Team Urbášek Partners