Sports enthusiasm does not change with this weather!

October‘s weather will not stop us! Our Law Firm Urbášek & partners to participate with our kids to the other race. This time, RunTour running was held at Ladronka park in Prague, which this year we participate for the second time.

The running tracks were divided into 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers and Rákosníček's run, which was for the smallest racers. Participating in races will support even a good thing, as it selects a contribution to the account of the Leontinka Foundation, which helps with the integration of visually impaired children into a full-fledged life (more information about this foundation can be found here).

Atmosphere was as energetic and full of enthusiasm as in all previous races. We achieved great results for the office. We all have enjoyed the races, the same as we all have done in law, we have made it to the end.

In the 10 km category they ranked:

Martina Pilařová ranked 20th in its category

Michal Kellner is in 35th place in his category

Sergiy Gayevsky ranked 34th in his category