„M&A pro Venture Capital je prostě jiný sport..!!“

27/5/2020 23:00 Law

The start-up founders make more or less fundamental errors in their business, which, although initially seeming minor and insignificant, can, as a result, greatly affect the price or investor's interest to join the company.


#14 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Deferral of rent payments due to pandemic

13/5/2020 21:00 Law, Law

Are you a lessee and you cannot properly pay your rent due to restrictions arising from the state of emergency? After reading our article, you may be able to relax.


Youth ahead!! That’s what we stick to. We would like to announce you that our team is growing.

4/5/2020 19:00

Jakub is not a beginner, instead he will bring us a fresh new point of view in legal services.


#10 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Bill to protect tenants in a pandemic

3/4/2020 15:05 Law

For many clients, in the current situation the payment of rent is one of the key issues. Nikola and Martina made a brief abstract of the bill that should solve the situation.


# 9 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Changes in ČMRZB support - end of deadline is today !!!

3/4/2020 10:00 Law

ATTENTION!!! Changes in ČMRZB support. End of the deadline today at 23:59!!!


# 8 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Amendment to the Insolvency Act, health insurance

1/4/2020 10:00 Law

Changes in the Insolvency Act related to the coronavirus pandemic, specification of health insurance payments.We are available at office@urbasek.partners as usual. We can make it together!


# 7 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Taxes, insurance, EET and ČMRZB support

29/3/2020 10:00 Law

Actual information on tax relief with respect to the COVID 19 pandemic, information on insurance, EET and government support through CMRZB


#6 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Taxes and State Support for Entrepreneurs and Sole Traders

23/3/2020 18:07 Law, Media

Up-to-date information on income tax, control reports, current state support for small businesses and sole traders


#5 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Employment Support Government's Program

23/3/2020 10:44 Law, Media

Government's legal measures to support employment in the pandemic COVID-19 situation - extension of nursing payment, compensation of wage costs of employers affected by government emergency measures.


#4 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News - Urbasek Partners Social Responsibility - pravovrousce.cz

20/3/2020 15:25 Law, Success, Media, OurLife

Urbášek Partners Corporate Social Responsibility in the Current Situation Expands to the "Pravovrousce" Project


#3 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News - State responsibility for emergency

17/3/2020 16:15 Law

The Czech government has declared an emergency situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, it adopted a package of measures. Among other things, it closed many businesses, including restaurants, hotels, theaters and more. Thus, the concerns of entrepreneurs who have begun to suffer damage are quite appropriate, as their costs have been reduced (if at all) only partially. The consequences may be liquidating for some of them.