#6 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Taxes and State Support for Entrepreneurs and Sole Traders

23/3/2020 18:07 Law, Media

Up-to-date information on income tax, control reports, current state support for small businesses and sole traders


#5 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Employment Support Government's Program

23/3/2020 10:44 Law, Media

Government's legal measures to support employment in the pandemic COVID-19 situation - extension of nursing payment, compensation of wage costs of employers affected by government emergency measures.


#4 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News - Urbasek Partners Social Responsibility - pravovrousce.cz

20/3/2020 15:25 Law, Success, Media, OurLife

Urbášek Partners Corporate Social Responsibility in the Current Situation Expands to the "Pravovrousce" Project


#3 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News - State responsibility for emergency

17/3/2020 16:15 Law

The Czech government has declared an emergency situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, it adopted a package of measures. Among other things, it closed many businesses, including restaurants, hotels, theaters and more. Thus, the concerns of entrepreneurs who have begun to suffer damage are quite appropriate, as their costs have been reduced (if at all) only partially. The consequences may be liquidating for some of them.


#2 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News - Contractual liability in an Emergency Status

16/3/2020 17:31 Law

Breach of contracts due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation Corrosion of coronavirus COVID-19 leads to the adoption of state protective measures. In an emergency situation there are a number of questions for entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are unable to perform their duties properly and in a timely manner, or may get into this situation as a result of current government measures soon. We have been dealing with the situation of our clients throughout the weekend and we have done a short response to their questions overview of possible situations.


#1 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News - General Information for employers

13/3/2020 10:00 Law

IMPORTANT !!! Information for employers in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic situation



18/9/2019 13:49 Media, Law, OurLife


Deal of the year in five weeks in UP!

22/5/2019 14:41 Law, Success

Some time ago we were faced with a huge challenge of securing a billion-dollar transaction between two entities. And our team did a great job.


We started a series of workshops with our clients

22/5/2019 14:34 OurLife, Law

Our law firm knows entirely how important it is to understand how intricate needs of our clients as this ensures that our legal services are effectively set up and treads like a Swiss watch.


Recognition from Coca-Cola of what was Aperol's journey to the Czech Market

20/3/2019 12:39 Law, OurLife

Did you enjoy the Aperitivo moment? The summer drink that contains Aperal, high-quality Prosecco, sparkling water with an orange flavour. During the time of this movement UP was pressed with a lot of legal work.


Our highlights in 2018

31/12/2018 12:00 Success, OurLife

So, the end of the year is here. At this time, it is to be evaluated. And so we did, and of course over the Christmas candy and a glass of excellent wine from dejsivino.cz. in a light atmosphere, we summed up 2018 together, and it should be added that this year was really worth it!


Vánoční mixér Business for Breakfast 2018

20/12/2018 12:00 OurLife

Lucie Nights Ups! We conceived this day on our own. In mid-December, corporate Christmas parties are in full swing and our law firm has decided to host the Prague Business Club - Business for Breakfast get together.


Charity Christmas party 2018

9/12/2018 19:36 OurLife

Seventy-one thousand crowns! This is the amount that goes to the Zajíček na koni foundation and we chose it at our Christmas party this year. We are proud to have such wonderful clients and colleagues who are not indifferent to the lives of others.