Substitute alimony

14/12/2020 10:00 Law

The draft laws on substitute alimony is awaiting a decision by the Senate, which has a deadline of 23. December 2020.


#23 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News -

2/12/2020 10:00 Law

If the draft tax package is passed by the Senate and signed by the President of the Republic, the changes will take validity on the 1st January 2021. The tax packages will affect more than 30 legal regulations.


#20 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News -

18/11/2020 10:00 Law

There is the second part of an overview of programs and reliefs related to the COVID19 pandemic. In this section, we will focus on the ANTIVIRUS PLUS, ANTIVIRUS B, ANTIVIRUS C program and other tax and administrative reliefs, such as deferred tax, interest waivers and EET deferrals.


#19 COVID-19 Urbasek Partners Legal News -

16/11/2020 13:42 Law

In the first part we introduce you an overview of programs and reliefs related to the COVID19 pandemic. In this part we will focus on grant and monetary programs. Below you will find details of the programs Rent II., COVID III., CULTURE II., BUS, Tourism Support, Sport II. and to compensation bonuses.


# 16 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Compensation to Entrepreneurs in COVID-19 Pandemic

23/10/2020 16:31 Law

The Czech government has approved the extension of the Antivirus A program until the end of this year. Companies with closed its operations will now be entitled to 100% salary compensation. In the case of quarantine, the state contribution remains at 80% of salary compensation.


# 15 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Legislation to protect tenants during a COVID pandemic

23/10/2020 16:21 Law

Please let us acquaint you with the latest CZ legislation. The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) of the Czech Republic has prepared a COVID - Rent support program, which is intended for entrepreneurs who had to temporarily close outlets for retail activities and provide services to customers in these establishments due to emergency measures.


„M&A pro Venture Capital je prostě jiný sport..!!“

27/5/2020 23:00 Law

The start-up founders make more or less fundamental errors in their business, which, although initially seeming minor and insignificant, can, as a result, greatly affect the price or investor's interest to join the company.


#14 COVID-19 Urbášek Partners Legal News - Deferral of rent payments due to pandemic

13/5/2020 21:00 Law, Law

Are you a lessee and you cannot properly pay your rent due to restrictions arising from the state of emergency? After reading our article, you may be able to relax.


Youth ahead!! That’s what we stick to. We would like to announce you that our team is growing.

4/5/2020 19:00

Jakub is not a beginner, instead he will bring us a fresh new point of view in legal services.