Peter has acted as the Executive Director of the office since 2019. His mission is to guide the law office through its growing phase and to materialize the vision of values intended by the partners within the every-day results of our office at all levels.

Peter has enriched our law office with experience achieved in the course of international projects focusing on technological innovations and creative industry. In the past, he has acted as, among other positions, the Chairman of the Board of Directors in one of the companies within the ERSTE Financial Group. His strong point consists in having the know-how in the field of managing progressive companies of a medium size, IT, technological innovations with emphasizes on FINTECH and BIGDATA, and in the field of art and creative industry.

“Our legal services represent a benefit for our clients, not an expense item. A good law office shall successfully resolve its client’s issues. An excellent law office shall assist its client to prevent such issues from even occurring.”                                                                                                                          Vratislav Urbášek

Peter speaks fluently English, German, Czech and Slovak. Currently, he is improving his knowledge of the Italian language. Petr has graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava. In his free time, he enjoys painting with light.