Adéla has been a partner of UP since its inception in 2012. She is a graduate of Charles University Faculty of Law and recently deepened her expertise upon obtaining the title of LL.M. on the filed of medical law. 

She primarily specializes in litigations, labour law, energy and medical law.

Adéla is highly valued by UP clients for her ability to find optimal and cost-effective solutions to legal problems and apply them in practice. In the area of ​​litigation, he represents large Czech and international companies both in court proceedings and in arbitration disputes. She has a long-term high success rate and the financial expression of the volume of funds in the proceedings represented by her in the court is amount of tens of billions of crowns. In the past, she represented large multinational companies in disputes with minority shareholders or large Czech and foreign companies in disputes over acquisitions and day-to-day operations worth hundreds of millions of crowns. She also successfully led the entry of a Czech investor into a foreign company.

In the field of labor law, she advises the largest companies in the Czech Republic with thousands of employees in the full range of labor law, including trade union rights and collective bargaining. Adéla and her team prepared and conducted audits and implemented new labor legislation for a number of multinational companies, thanks to which they managed to significantly reduce the number of inspections of state authorities and the severity of their findings and therefore achieve significant savings. She is very successful in litigation with the Labor Inspectorate and other state institutions on the field of labour law.

Adéla has also been providing advice to a major foreign group in the field of energy law for a long time, especially in the area of ​​regulation and disputes.

Another area of ​​Adel's work is medical law. She represented one of the largest medical groups in the Czech Republic, advising a number of hospitals both on day-to-day operations and, for example, in dealing with insurance companies. She also successfully led disputes with patients for compensation for damage to health, where she protected clients from unjustified claims of patients in the tens of millions of crowns.

In 2020, Adéla was ranked among the most influential Czech female lawyers by magazine Právní rádce.

“I always try to analyze all cases quickly and broadly. Just so I can prepare the best solution both from a legal and an economic point of view. Clients most value my pushiness and tenacity as well as my ability to get fired up.”

Apart from her native Czech, Adéla is fluent in English and Slovak.