Vratislav has been the managing partner of UP since its inception. His primary concern is client communication and handling the financial affairs of the firm.

His legal focus is on mergers & acquisitions, business law and personal data protection.

“Colleagues persistently arrive at the fact that law and business must help one another. A lawyer must become part of the project team, and not just the unwanted evil at the end of the project. I often address the needs of clients with professionals from other sectors, such as tax advisors, accountants and auditors.”

Vratislav attempts to efficiently connect the individual areas of a client's activities in order to solve the current problem, prevent its duplication, and to the fullest extent, help to develop and grow the business of UP’s clients.

Vratislav provides advice to medium and large Czech and international corporations, among these, he renders services to the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He has also advised large Asian companies on entering the Czech Republic and building a production plant. Presently, he is advising the largest non-alcoholic beverage producer in the world to expand to new markets and is also providing representation for energy companies in purchasing new resources.

„I do not want to only be a provider of legal services, but also a partner who can make your business more efficient and more effective.”

In addition to his legal practice, Vratislav was appointed to be an arbitrator at the Arbitration Court at the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic, where he can apply his practical experience in law.

Apart from his native Czech, Vratislav is fluent in English and Slovak. 



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