Our focus is on the pre-sales phase, by conducting and due diligence exercise, implementing company restructuring and preparing for sale, as well as securing all contractual documentation and addressing any legal issues related to the transaction.

We provide comprehensive project consultancy on purchase and sale of company, mergers or split-offs, including any tax-related issues pertinent to the transaction. By cooperating with us, you will get a qualified guide from the very moment you decide to buy or sell the company until the tax return is filed. All done in a straight-forward and simple way and in a language that you can understand.

UP is currently setting up a business strategy and advising a foreign-based financial group on the purchase of energy units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the order of billions of Czech crowns.

In recent years, we have implemented a project of partial restructuring of the Czech branch of the largest electronics manufacturer in the world and structured the plan and form of acquisitions for one of the leading networks of healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic.

In addition to these more sizable projects, we have also been involved in a number of small-scale, “boutique” projects, which have been successfully and most importantly sold by their long-established companies. We also have investors who decided to enter and invest in the Czech market by buying a company.

Our people are valued in terms of their wide range of expertise and, in particular, for the complexity of the services provided. We also provide tax and accounting advisors, which overlaps into law. Our negotiating skills are also highly valued and appreciated by clients.