Dear clients, friends,

In the current difficult situation that affects all of us, besides the voluntary activities of our office, which we regularly inform you, we have decided to react and contribute to our joint work with the law firms Sedlakova legal, ARROWS, eLegal and others.

We, as lawyers, also feel an urgent need within the framework of social responsibility to help and put our hands together. As a result of the government's epidemic and protective measures, many of us may find ourselves in situations where they have never been before and of which they have no information. None of us knows how long the epidemic will last, or how widespread its consequences will be, both for the life and health of all of us, and for economic and financial situation.

We are not doctors or scientists to contribute in the front line in the fight against the epidemic. However, we are professionals in the field of law and we can contribute with our knowledge and experience and help many of you to solve today's unexpected life situations.

Our office enthusiastically involved in the “” project. The aim of the project is not only to calm the emotions and uncertainty, but above all to provide clear and practical advises on what to do to avoid potential problems and get the best out of the crisis. As part of the project, we prepare basic sample documents that can be used to solve current life and work problems. All these procedures, instructions and sample documents will be available to you all for free.

This crisis package of documents will be available on the following website:

If the instructions and solutions provided do not answer your questions, or if you do not know how to solve the problem, we are always available to assist you.

We are convinced that together we can do it!

Your Urbasek Partners team!

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