Deal of the year in five weeks in UP!

22/5/2019 14:41 Law, OurLife

Some time ago we were faced with a huge challenge of securing a billion-dollar transaction between two entities. And our team did a great job.


We started a series of workshops with our clients

22/5/2019 14:34 OurLife, Law

Our law firm knows entirely how important it is to understand how intricate needs of our clients as this ensures that our legal services are effectively set up and treads like a Swiss watch.


Recognition from Coca-Cola of what was Aperol's journey to the Czech Market

20/3/2019 12:39 Law, OurLife

Did you enjoy the Aperitivo moment? The summer drink that contains Aperal, high-quality Prosecco, sparkling water with an orange flavour. During the time of this movement UP was pressed with a lot of legal work.


Máte problémy s exekucemi? Naši advokáti radí, jak se bránit!

23/11/2018 16:19 Law, Media

On Thursday, 22/11/2018, our experts were led by partner and lawyer Mgr. Vratislav Urbáškem, invited to an online chat on the news website


UP welcomes trainees from abroad

22/10/2018 12:25 OurLife, Law

Kornelija KLIUKAITE is an attorney-at-law in NJORD Law Firm Intellectual Property, Data Privacy and Corporate Law Practice Groups in Vilnius (LITHUANIA). Kornelija focuses her practice on various aspects of intellectual property licensing, protection and litigation, legal aspects of protection of privacy and implementation of GDPR, corporate law and law of unfair competition.


Adéla Gajdová for server Employer's obligations in hot weather

3/8/2018 14:48 Law, Media

Our lawyer, Adela Gajdova, is an expert for a labor law. On the TV live chat for she focuses on the recent heatwaves entering whole Czechia. What conditions the employer has to provide? Are you entitled to go home earlier?


Our work does not end with just a signature

1/7/2018 13:20 Law

The Czech Republic is experiencing a boom in mergers and acquisitions. The activity of investors here is one of the largest in Europe and will not be the same in the years to come. How do you not make a foolish mistake, balance the positions of both parties and what are you to do when you sell a company?


Jablonec on the EU regulation specialized in the specialist

21/6/2018 11:41 Law

In case of violating GDPR, a commissioner must then intervene and report the matter to the Office for the Protection of Personal Data. "That is why the commissioners are difficult to hire, but all our organisations, are already guaranteed to meet the obligation by 25 May."


Adéle Gajdová has got LL.M. degree. Congratulations!

19/6/2018 16:54 OurLife, Law

Our partner and lawyer, Adéla Gajdová, successfully passed the exam and got the LL.M. degree in the field of medical law.


GDPR is prepared to help

11/6/2018 15:55 Law

On the 25th May, when GDPR, the general regulation on the protection of personal data, is inexorably approaching the Czech Republic and other European Union states. In the Czech Republic there has been hysteria in reaction to the GHPR, but this reaction is not justified.