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Jablonec on the EU regulation specialized in the specialist

28/5/2018 11:41

In case of violating the GDPR, a commissioner must intervene and report the matter to the Office for the Protection of Personal Data. "That is why the commissioners are difficult to hire, but all our organizations, are already guaranteed to meet the obligation by 25 May."


It does not end with a signature

2/5/2018 15:57

The Czech Republic is experiencing a boom in mergers and acquisitions. The activity of investors is one of the largest in Europe and will not be the same in the months and years to come. How not make a foolish mistake, balance the positions of both parties and what to do when selling the company?


GDPR has help prepared

2/5/2018 15:55

The date of 25 May, when the GDPR, the general regulation on the protection of personal data, begins to apply in the Czech Republic and other European Union states, is inexorably approaching. In the Czech Republic, there has been hysteria in reaction to the GHPR, but it is not justified.


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